XCOR Aerospace

Broadcast 644 (Special Edition)

Jeff Greason, CEO of XCOR Aerospace returned for this special Space Show program. Jeff began the interview with an update on XCOR activities progress over the past year and recent times. XCOR has sustained superb growth and has a mix of products its developing for private customers and NASA. From Rocket Racing League rockets to the suborbital space tourism vehicle, the Xerus Multi-function vehicle, along with rocket engines and fuel piston pumps, XCOR is a leading NewSpace company.

Broadcast 535 (Special Edition)

Col. Rick Searfoss returned to The Space Show for this Tuesday evening program. We began the interview talking about the commercial space industry and primarily his experience and relationship with XCOR Aerospace. We talked about flying rockets, the Rocket Racing League, suborbital space tourism, safety issues, test flights, and more. As a result of a listener question, Col. Searfoss addressed competition in the suborbital tourism industry and safety given the pressure of competition. Col.


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