Broadcast 475 (Special Edition)

Dr. Tom Jones was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Jones began the interview speaking about his new book, "Sky Walking: An Astronaut's Memoir." This is an exceptional book and it provided the basics for this program as we discussed space walking, on orbit construction, our spiritual connection to space, space food, exercise in space, space suits, even the astronaut's family remaining back here on Earth and the effect of the launch and space mission on the family staying behind. We also discussed the VSE and Dr.

Broadcast 473 (Special Edition)

Alan Boyle returned to The Space Show today to discuss many important news and space developments. We started the discussion with perspectives on what was then the upcoming SpaceX Falcon 1 launch which unfortunately turned unsuccessful later in the day. Alan also talked about space reporting journalism, MSNBC science and space reporting, and his recent visit to the Blue Origins headquarters near Kent, Washington. Alan spoke about the NASA COTS program, the COTS participants, why there needs to be completion of the ISS with additional shuttle flights, and more.

Broadcast 466 (Special Edition)

Dr. Jim Pass was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Pass brings to our attention his unique area of special interest which is astrosociology. You can learn much more about this discipline at this website, www.astrosociology.com. Jim explained astrosociology during the show, talked about how to get more people interested in the sociology community and about the rapid growth the field is having in segments of the space community.

Broadcast 453 (Special Edition)

Dr. Paul Hardersen what the guest for this special Friday morning Space Show program. We began our discussion by inquiring about the observatory that is at the University of North Dakota, the plans for remodeling it, what it will be able to do and the opportunities it will afford students, and the fund raising campaigns designed to support the program. We then switched topics to asteroids, one of the areas of special interest and expertise for Dr. Hardersen.

Broadcast 428 (Special Edition)

Kurt Klaus joined The Space Show guest family with this program. We began our discussing by capitalizing on Kurt's training and experience as an oil and gas geologist. I asked him about the path from oil and gas geology here on earth to being a planetary geologist and to having specialized interests in Mars. His answer was most interesting. I also asked Mr. Klaus a few questions about how oil and gas is extracted from inside the earth given questions that are always asked of me.

Broadcast 198 (Special Edition) Greg Klerkx

Greg Klerkx, the author of the very informative and popular book "Lost in Space: The Fall of NASA and the Dream of a a New Space Age" spoke to Space Show listeners on this show about his research and findings regarding NASA and more, all of which are reported in his book. Greg begins his story with us by talking about his experiences while at SETI, the NASA perception of SETI and what he actually discovered about NASA while he was at SETI. Greg examines NASA very carefully and suggests what might be needed if NASA is going to implement the new Bush space policy, the VSE.


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