Broadcast 555 (Special Edition)

Dr. Paul Webb was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss his innovative Space Activity Suit, a different type of spacesuit that holds great potential for lower costs, more maneuverability by the astronaut, greater safety, less maintenance, and less required training. As explained by Dr. Webb, this new spacesuit is a mechanical counter pressure spacesuit made from a special type of elastic-like material. The Space Activity Suit would have no joints, no pressurizing gas, it would have reduced weight, it would need reduced expendable supplies and according to Dr.

Broadcast 548 (Special Edition)

Jeff Krukin, Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) was with us today to talk about their important new White Paper. The White Paper, "Unaffordable and Unsustainable? Signs of Failure in NASA's Earth-to-orbit Transportation Strategy," is available for download at http://www.space-frontier.org/Presentations/UnaffordableUnsustainable.pdf. This paper puts fourth four recommendations by SFF to change current NASA policy regarding the VSE.

Broadcast 546 (Special Edition)

Howard Bloom was the guest for this special program to discuss the importance of having a space vision, the idea of a "killer application" for inspiring the public regarding space, and a four point program that could form the basis for the needed space vision. The four point program he discussed includes biofuels, space solar power, lunar development, and going to Mars. We talked about economics and several listeners asked questions about the economics and the priority of SSP or the other components of the program before having developed affordable and routine LEO access.

Broadcast 524 (Special Edition)

Dr. Jordin Kare returned to The Space Show to update us on laser launch. Laser launch, as we learned from Dr. Kare, is making progress and the price for components is coming down. In this program, we learned the basics and the theory behind laser launch, we discussed many of its applications from LEO uses, to launching nuclear waste to deep space, to space solar power, and to playing a significant role in the VSE in conjunction with on orbit construction. We discussed the economics of laser launch and how it supports the space elevator.

Broadcast 510 (Special Edition)

Donna Shirley was the guest for this special Space Show program which aired originally on Friday, June 16, 2006. We began our two hour discussion with Ms. Shirley about the state of the NASA science budget and cuts within science programming to facilitate the VSE. As part of this discussion, Ms. Shirley explained the budget and science process given her JPL experience, the politics of these issues, and the constraints faced by Dr. Griffin and others. We spoke about cost overruns with the James Webb telescope, the ISS, and the Space Shuttle.

Broadcast 498 (Special Edition)

Dr. Pascal Lee returned to The Space Show for this program. We began our discussion with Dr. Lee about Mars and its importance with the VSE. Dr. Lee also explained why the Moon is an important part of realizing the vision to go to Mars. We also spoke about radiation issues for long term space flight to Mars and nuclear electric propulsion for faster transit times to and from Mars. Pascal then spoke to us about the importance of visiting Phobos and the Martian moons, maybe even before going to Mars. You will not want to miss this important part of this interview.

Broadcast 488 (Special Edition)

Professor Freeman Dyson was the very special guest for this Space Show program. Professor Dyson offered his perspective on a wide ranging list of topics including alt.space investment, the private sector and space access, cosmic radiation, Mars, the VSE, the ISS, shuttle, and humans versus robotic/scientific space missions. We also talked about nuclear power for space and his famous Project Orion. He provided us with his thoughts on HE3, fusion, and why space is not a great draw across America and elsewhere.

Broadcast 482 (Special Edition)

Col. (RET) Mike Mullane was the guest for this special Easter Sunday Space Show program. Col. Mullane began the interview talking about his new book, "Riding Rockets: The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut." First among the many stories told us by retired astronaut Mullane and unique to the information the public learns about was the fear factor experienced by astronauts and their families regarding a ride to space on a rocket. Mike even compared these rocket rides to his combat experience in the back seat of an F4C Phantom during 134 combat missions!

Broadcast 480 (Special Edition)

Commander (Ret) William F. Readdy was the guest for this special Space Show program. We began our discussion noting that this was the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle and Commander Readdy had been a shuttle commander, NASA astronaut, and the former NASA Associate Administrator for Space Flight/Operations, leading the shuttle's return to flight program. Mr. Readdy provided us with his insights on many topics related to NASA, the VSE, technology, engineering, our future in space, the Moon, and more.

Broadcast 479 (Special Edition)

Eric R. Hedman was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Hedman began the discussion with an overview of engineering as it relates to alt.space and the larger space industry. In this discussion, we explored alt. space being too simple for complex engineering tasks or making things overly complex when they could be done much simpler. The same set of questions was asked about NASA. Mr. Hedman explained to us how reality was a little of both so you won't want to miss this complete discussion. Mr.


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