Broadcast 931 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Vadim Rygalov, Assistant Professor of Space Studies at the University of North Dakota, returned for this program to discuss stress and emotional, physiological, psychological and radiological issues for long duration space missions. Dr. Rygalov began the discussion by summarizing the key issues facing those experiencing long duration space missions and he explained why most of the research focuses on short mission, which is defined as less than 3-5 months long. Do not miss this discussion. One listener asked Dr.

Broadcast 576

Deep Space Message: This is the Deep Space Message by Dr. Vadim Rygalov, Space Studies, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, USA: Greetings from Earth (third planet from the Sun in our planetary system in the Milky Way Galaxy)! Hello Colleagues from the Intelligent Universe Community! My name is Vadim Rygalov and I am an Assistant Professor from the UND Space Studies Department.

Broadcast 877 (Special Edition)

Guest: Jim Muncy. Jim Muncy returned to The Space Show for this special program. We covered many topics ranging from Jim's grad school days at the then-newly formed University of North Dakota, Space Studies Department to the politics of space. Former UND students were listening and asked Jim questions about what Space Studies was like in the late ' 80s and early '90s. For example, was NASA the only game in town with public space? Or were there any private sector space options back then other than the government contractors? What about the excitement and passion of the students?

Broadcast 832 (Special Edition)

This program featuring Dr. Burton Lee is another from my Space Studies classes at UND . Dr. David Whalen, Department head of Space Studies has permitted me to place this class on The Space Show website archives. This class was recorded with Dr. Lee on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 regarding the financing of space ventures by angels, venture capitalists and others. While Dr.

Broadcast 827 (Special Edition)

This program is brought to you as a courtesy by the Space Studies Department at the University of North Dakota. It is a recording of my class held here in Grand Forks, ND on Nov. 7, 2007 regarding how to achieve a lower cost to orbit/space. Dennis Wingo was the guest speaker for this class and was speaking by telephone to my class. Special thanks to Dr. David J. Whalen, Department Head of Space Studies here at UND for permission to place this class recording on The Space Show website as an archived program. Mr.

Broadcast 325 (Special Edition)

This program is a special presentation by Drs. John Jurist, Sam Dinkin and myself at the University of North Dakota Department of Space Studies on April 12, 2005. This two hour presentation was in the form of a two hour interactive workshop with faculty and students both present for the workshop and on the internet as UND presented the program as a webcast to their alumni, distant learning students, and to the Space Show family of listeners. The audio only is archived on The Space Show website.

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