Broadcast 1207 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dave Ketchledge. Topics: "Rocket Science," nuclear power, space policy, space education. Dave Ketchledge was our guest to discuss his new book on CD, "Rocket Science." You can order this book and find out more about it by visiting his website, During Segment 1, Dave talked about the need for space engineering and rocket education, how his book fills this need, and what it means for future engineers in all disciplines, not just those related to space.

Broadcast 1184 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dr. Paul Mueller, Adam Vore, David Stechmann. Topics: rocket competition, college teams, aerospace engineering, building rockets. Dr. Mueller returned for this Space Show program to update us on the recent intercollegiate rocket engineering competition for the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) recently held in Utah. With him on the show were the first and second place team captains, Adam Vore from Cal State Long Beach and David Stechmann from the University of Washington.

Broadcast 1159 (Special Edition)

Guests: Neil McGilvray & Bob Utley. Topics: High powered rocketry, Rockets Magazine, rocket engine certification, Merchant Marine, Somali pirates. Neil McGilvray and Bob Utley were our guests for this Space Show program which focused on high powered model rocketry, also referred to as hobby or amateur rocketry. We discussed the need to be credentialed by either Tripoli or the National Association of Rocketry to be able to fly H and larger rocket engines.

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