Broadcast 984 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. George Nield, Associate Administrator for the FAA Office of Commercial Spaceflight, was the guest for this program. Please note that there is audio noise on this recording coming from the hotel phone line. I apologize that a better quality connection was not available. We began our discussion with a tribute to Apollo 11 landing on the Moon given today being July 20. Dr. Nield gave us a good overview and comparison of the evolution of aviation as compared to the evolution of spaceflight. You will not want to miss this part of our discussion.

Broadcast 970 (Special Edition)

Guest: David Hoerr, co-author of "The Rocket Company," was the guest for this Space Show program. We started our discussion on the topic of Point A to Point B suborbital transportation as David had written a thoughtful piece on the subject in The Space Review on May 5, 2008. Please see: David received lots of listener questions about the military version of Point A to Point B suborbital transportation, commercial versions, the market for such versions, and the advances needed in technology.

Broadcast 957 (Special Edition)

Guests: Space Cynics Shubber Ali, Tom Olson, and me (DrSpace aka Professor L) met for this interview in the hotel coffee shop for an in-person discussion featuring the Cynics' view of several of the topics discussed at ISDC 2008. This was the first ever in-person Cynics show, but we hope to offer you more and with our fourth Cynic, Old Space Cadet, who could not be with us this year. We were also joined by Reda Anderson, who is now an Honorary Space Cynic. The gloves were taken off and our discussion was hard-hitting on many topics.

Broadcast 889 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. John Jurist. Dr. John Jurist, long time friend and supporter of the Space Show, was the guest on this slightly over 2 hour Sunday program. In this discussion, we covered many topics including science education, human factors, the balkanization of various components of the space industry , radiation, microgravity experiments, commercial space, suborbital and orbital space tourism, spaceport talk, and more. Dr.

Broadcast 728 (Special Edition)

Dr. Burton Lee returned for this Space Show program to update us on the recent Space Venture Finance Symposium which was held in Dallas on May 24, 2007. This was a comprehensive review of this important event. Burton not only went into detail about many of the talks and the symposium programming, but he fielded many listener questions and entertained two listener toll free calls. In response to several listener questions, he outlined the plans for future space investing programs including a discussion of location, dates, participants and desired audience.

Broadcast 698 (Special Edition)

Robert Zimmerman returned to The Space Show for this program. We discussed many topics from the shuttle schedule and repairs, to spaceports at Wallops and in New Mexico. Regarding the shuttle, Bob explained the importance of engineering delays and the fact that these types of delays are certainly a welcome change from the past when NASA might have compromised engineering for a specific schedule.

Broadcast 97 (Special Edition)

Dr. Thomas Matula, an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Houston - Victoria, where he teaches in their MBA program, discusses new businesses strategies that have the potential to break through many of the existing commercial space barriers. We discuss space development banks, spaceports, the state of space education throughout the United States, space tourism, and space commerce in the aftermath of the Columbia shuttle accident. Dr. Matula offers suggestions for dealing with many of the existing problems facing the continued commercial development of space resources.


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