Broadcast 427 (Special Edition)

Jim Benson, CEO of SpaceDev, returned to the Space Show for this special program and update. We began our discussion with Jim providing us with the details of the SpaceDev merger that is in process with Starsys. This is an exciting development for SpaceDev and the space community. Also, we learned about SpaceDev plans to apply for representation on American Stock Exchange, another milestone for the company and the developing space industry. We also discussed the RTM and NASA architecture and alternatives that SpaceDev has proposed.

Broadcast 330 (Special Edition)

Jim Benson returned to The Space Show to update us on SpaceDev and to bring us other important news regarding the community. Mr. Benson began the interview by responding my question about young college grads going into the world for careers. He said they were interviewing lots of engineering applicants, that SpaceDev was hiring several engineers and that the available talent pool was growing and was very high quality.

Broadcast 271 (Special Edition)

Jim Benson, CEO of SpaceDev ,returned to The Space Show to talk about the success of SpaceShipOne, the SpaceDev rocket engine, the new plans for business and growth with SpaceDev, and more. He was asked for his opinion on converting the Space Shuttle to a heavy lift vehicle, on returning to the Moon and going to Mars, how SpaceDev hires engineers for the company and if he feels if space advocacy organizations have been an important contributor to helping businesses like SpaceDev get through the regulatory hurdles.

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