Space Solar Power

Broadcast 619 (Special Edition)

Dr. Wendell Mendell returned to The Space Show for this program. Dr. Mendell started the discussion looking back over his 40 plus years of being with NASA and discussing how things have changed within the organization and based on my question, with the American public regarding space issues. I asked about his thoughts with the various NASA administrators that he has known and then we turned our attention to the main topic of the evening which focused on changes at NASA based on the VSE. Dr.

Broadcast 609 (Special Edition)

Dr. John Mankins was the guest for this special Space Show program. We began the interview by asking Dr. Mankins what would be needed to transform space to a more ordinary component of our terrestrial economy. This discussion led us to a detailed discussion regarding energy from space and space solar power. Dr. Mankins took us through ground infrastructure, the launch component, alternative launch possibilities, the space component with satellites, and the economics of power.

Broadcast 546 (Special Edition)

Howard Bloom was the guest for this special program to discuss the importance of having a space vision, the idea of a "killer application" for inspiring the public regarding space, and a four point program that could form the basis for the needed space vision. The four point program he discussed includes biofuels, space solar power, lunar development, and going to Mars. We talked about economics and several listeners asked questions about the economics and the priority of SSP or the other components of the program before having developed affordable and routine LEO access.

Broadcast 524 (Special Edition)

Dr. Jordin Kare returned to The Space Show to update us on laser launch. Laser launch, as we learned from Dr. Kare, is making progress and the price for components is coming down. In this program, we learned the basics and the theory behind laser launch, we discussed many of its applications from LEO uses, to launching nuclear waste to deep space, to space solar power, and to playing a significant role in the VSE in conjunction with on orbit construction. We discussed the economics of laser launch and how it supports the space elevator.

Broadcast 522 (Special Edition)

Dr. Molly Macauley was the guest for this special Space Show program. As Dr. Macauley is an economist, we started the interview with her economic analysis based on her recent research project regarding space solar power (SSP). The first hour of the program was an in-depth economic examination of SSP. You will not want to miss it. We then discussed prizes by NASA and others, plus tax incentives. Dr. Macauley provided us with her economic point of view on what types of prizes and economic incentives work best to build a robust private space program.

Broadcast 449 (Special Edition)

Dr. Harvey Willenberg returned to The Space Show for this special program focusing on space for energy uses, HE3, fusion, nuclear power, fossil fuels, space solar power and more. Dr. Willenberg does a superb job discussing these topics from the perspectives of science (physics) breakeven analysis, engineering breakeven analysis, and the economic breakeven analysis, then blending them all together for a sane energy program. We had questions on fusion, HE3, alternative energy, energy from space, the politics of space energy and much more.

Broadcast 438 (Special Edition)

Mark Whittington returned for this special year end and New Years Space Show program. Our discussion with Mr. Whittington covered many topics including the RTM mission planning, hardware, and architecture, on orbit construction, heavy lift and the economics of multiple launches versus heavy lift. We discussed the proposed merger of the Atlas 5 and Delta 4 EELV's with Mr. Whittington suggesting the merger was not in the best interest of the nation and the established as well as developing launch industry.

Broadcast 409 (Special Edition)

Dr. Philip R. Harris was the guest for this Space Show program. We began the discussion with Dr. Harris pointing out the need to reach the youth of our country and world in order to bring them into a space-faring consciousness, not only for their own sake, but for the betterment of humanity. As Dr. Harris said, it would help our youth focus and turn outward, not inward. Its an important discussion that you will certainly want to hear.

Broadcast 204 (Special Edition)

Dr. Lee S. Valentine, Executive Director of the Space Studies Institute, was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Dr. Valentine began his discussion by stating that so far space has been an endless money hole, but in order for us to become space-faring, benefits and profits from space activities need to be present. Thus, affordable space access is needed. We talked about space tourism as potentially the best space business for profits and benefits for the near-term.

Broadcast 1

Dr. Patrick Collins is an exceptionally well known and respected authority on space economics, space tourism, reusable launch vehicles, and space solar power. Dr. Collins joins us again to discuss space tourism, space economics, space solar power and much more. Dr. Collins was the initial guest on The Space Show, the 100th guest, and the 1,000th on The Space Show. He is a professor of economics at Azabu University in Japan, and a Collaborating Researcher with the Institute for Space & Astronautical Science, as well as adviser to a number of companies. The focus of Dr.


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