Space Services

Broadcast 1154 (Special Edition)

Guest: Jeff Krukin. Topics: NEWSPACE NATION, spaceports, suborbital and orbital flight. Jeff Krukin was our guest today to tell us about his new monograph, "NEWSPACE NATION: America's Emerging Entrepreneurial Space Industry." You can see a sample of this monograph and order it from Jeff's website, Jeff explained how and why he wrote this monogram and we discussed different segments of the Newspace industry referred to as industry clusters.

Broadcast 369 (Special Edition)

Charles Chafer, CEO of Space Services, Inc., was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Chafer began the interview by discussing the services offered by Space Services, Inc., mainly space burials. He described the services but in addition, we talked about launching and secondary payloads, SpaceX and the Falcon 1 which Space Services is using for their next launch, the difficulty in buying a ride to space as a secondary payload for a space funerals, and more. Mr.

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