space resources

Broadcast 410

Al Globus was the guest for this Space Show program. Al's special interest is space settlement and this program was largely devoted to stating the case for space settlement, how it can be done, why it should and in fact must be done, and how to make the case for space settlement with the general public and political leaders. We also talked about space resources, solar power, nanotechnology and its application in getting cheaper launch costs, space tourism including both suborbital and orbital, the U.S.

Broadcast 245 (Special Edition)

Gail Leatherwood, long time space advocate, enthusiast, and charter listener of The Space Show, was the guest for this program. Mr. Leatherwood began the discussion talking about his three part approach to developing space resources which includes spaceports, habitats, and the next generation of space vehicles. This discussion opened the door for talking about space tourism, various occupations that space commerce will open up for our economy, including many occupations and opportunities that we cannot yet identify.


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