space property rights

Broadcast 422 (Special Edition)

This Space Show program featured the first ever Space Property Rights Legal Panel with Wayne White, Rosanna Sattler, Jim Dunstan, and Berin Michael Szoka. The panel began this intensive and comprehensive space property rights discussion with a basic introduction to the issue of space property rights, focusing on the Outer Space Treaty along with the other U.N. treaties impacting and helping to create the existing property rights regime. This is an in-depth discussion you will not want to miss.

Broadcast 307 (Special Edition)

Wayne White returned to The Space Show today to discuss in an extra long Space Show program exciting developments in space law and space property rights. Mr. White began his discussion with a presentation on the history and current state of space law. We opened the lines for questions and comments after the first break and Wayne continued his discussion and update, answering and commenting on questions, and helping us to understand many of the complexities of space law and property rights issues. Early on Mr.

Broadcast 175 (Special Edition)

Greg Nemitz, the guest on this Space Show program, spoke extensively about space property rights, why property rights are so important, and the status of obtaining space property rights at this time. At the heart of the discussion is the litigation Mr. Nemitz has initiated against NASA and the U.S. for rent fees for their landing on asteroid Eros. Mr. Nemitz believes he followed existing law and claimed Eros well in advance of NASA landing on the asteroid. Mr.


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