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Broadcast 479 (Special Edition)

Eric R. Hedman was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Hedman began the discussion with an overview of engineering as it relates to and the larger space industry. In this discussion, we explored alt. space being too simple for complex engineering tasks or making things overly complex when they could be done much simpler. The same set of questions was asked about NASA. Mr. Hedman explained to us how reality was a little of both so you won't want to miss this complete discussion. Mr.

Broadcast 383 (Special Edition)

Shubber Ali returned to The Space Show for this special two hour program. The interview began by asking Shubber questions about the space industry in Australia, in America, and elsewhere in the world. In the context of this discussion, we also talked about the launch industry, especially in America, but we did discuss demand around the world and the entrepreneurial business in the United States. Shubber also told listeners why he does not like the term "space industry" and this developed into a brief analysis of the space industry, space tourism, marketing studies, and more.

Broadcast 272 (Special Edition)

Dave Micheletti, President of the Montana Aerospace Development Association (MADA), was the guest for this edition of The Space Show.™ Mr. Micheletti explained the efforts underway in the State of Montana to attract, support, and develop an entrepreneurial space industry. MADA is not only partnering with state universities, the government, business and trade associations within the state, it is also working with NASA Langley, the aerospace industry, the nation's science labs, the National Space Science and Technology center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and more. Mr.


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