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Broadcast 847 (Special Edition)

Guests: Phillip Hurst of Air & Space TV ( ; Bob Werb regarding the Space Frontier Foundation: Andy Turner of Space Systems/Loral. This set of three back to back interviews (no breaks) from the Space Investment Summit #3 held in San Jose, CA on Dec. 6, 2007, starts with Phillip Hurst of Air & Space TV ( Phillip is launching an air and space television network for satellite, computers, and all available media services.

Broadcast 734 (Special Edition)

William Watson was the guest for this Space Show program. William discussed in some detail the upcoming Space Frontier Foundation NewSpace 2007 Conference to be held in Washington, DC from July 18-21, 2007. You can check out the conference, register online and see the agenda and speakers by visiting Will told us about special events, the keynote dinner speaker, the Advocate evening, and the panel format. Listeners asked many questions about format, subjects to be discussed, and more.

Broadcast 672 (Special Edition)

Jeff Krukin returned for this Space Show program and to turn the tables on me by interviewing me for The Space Show. He did a superb job as a guest host of The Space Show and I hope all of you enjoy this change of pace program. I commend Jeff for his great idea and enthusiasm to do this type of program. I know you the listeners will find it interesting, informative and entertaining. During the first segment of the show, Jeff brought us up to date with the Space Frontier Foundation and the coming SFF conference in the Washington, DC area from July 18-21, 2007.

Broadcast 548 (Special Edition)

Jeff Krukin, Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) was with us today to talk about their important new White Paper. The White Paper, "Unaffordable and Unsustainable? Signs of Failure in NASA's Earth-to-orbit Transportation Strategy," is available for download at This paper puts fourth four recommendations by SFF to change current NASA policy regarding the VSE.

Broadcast 516 (Special Edition)

Bill Boland returned for this Space Show program. We began the interview with a detailed discussion about the new Teachers in Space Program as part of the overall programming of Space Frontier Foundation. Bill explained the program and answered listener questions it, even those that were skeptical. We then focused on space advocacy and the Space Frontier Foundation.

Broadcast 504 (Special Edition)

Jeff Krukin returned to The Space Show (SFF) to update us all on the new Space Frontier Foundation. During this program, Jeff, who is the Executive Director for SFF, spoke about the new projects being undertaken by SFF including the New Space 2006 conference scheduled for Las Vegas in July of this year. This conference has combined the previous SFF Return to the Moon Conference and the former annual fall conference into one larger conference which is now designated New Space 2006.

Broadcast 425 (Special Edition)

Barbara Marx Hubbard was the guest on The Space Show for this special program. We discussed space development and becoming space-faring in the context of conscious evolution as an emerging state of development for the betterment of humanity. This is an extremely important discussion because Dr. Hubbard proposed a superb action plan, the "Movement For A Positive Future," and all those interested are encouraged to email me at to add their support to the project.

Broadcast 411 (Special Edition)

Rick Tumlinson returned to The Space Show for a very special two hour program. This interview addressed many important subjects and topics. We started by having Rick summarize the recent Space Frontier Foundation Annual Conference held in Los Angeles and the architecture being used by NASA to return to the Moon. This afforded Rick the opportunity to talk about the program, NASA, Congress, and Dr. Griffin, NASA's Administrator. This is a must listen to discussion, especially for anyone interested in the why of our need to settle the space frontier.

Broadcast 297 (Special Edition)

Jeff Krukin, the new Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) Executive Director, was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Krukin spoke about new position with the Foundation and outlined new goals and programming for this year for the Space Frontier Foundation. In response to several questions from listeners, he went into detail about how the Foundation views issues and works to support an issue in alignment with its goals and mission. Listeners asked him about extracting favors for the SFF agenda in turn for the support SFF has given issues important to Congress.


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