Space Exploration Vision

Broadcast 408 (Special Edition)

Dr. Eligar Sadeh returned for this Space Show program. Our discussion focused on the management content implemented at NASA with the NASA Administrator, Dr. Mike Griffin. Dr. Sadeh is concerned that the management being implemented at NASA contains within it some very destructive elements and he discusses these elements on the show. We also discussed private and public partnerships for space development, including the space advocate community side by side with the large aerospace industry and NASA. In our discussions regarding NASA management and Dr.

Broadcast 406 (Special Edition)

Michael Mealling was the guest for this Space Show program. Michael began the interview discussing the Masten Space Systems development of their VTVL launch vehicle, the XA 1.0. He described the market for this vehicle for carrying cargo to 100 km., specifically cargo from K-12 school age children competing for science fair projects with a 100- 300/kg payload capable of flying multiple times per day for a very low price of about $25,000.

Broadcast 384 (Special Edition)

Anthony Duignan-Cabrera was the guest for this Space Show program. The interview began with my asking Mr. Duignan-Cabrera about space press/media coverage with the mainstream press and networks given his experience with ABC News, Good Morning America and more, plus his experience. No surprises in his answer but you will certainly want to hear it and take note of his perspective.

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