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Broadcast 1032 (Special Edition)

Guests: David Webb and David Whalen (first hour) and Bob Werb (second hour) were our guests for this final combined episode of the Space Show television program filmed on location in Cape Canaveral Florida. David Webb was the first department chair of Space Studies at the University of North Dakota and then became the first Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the International Space University (ISU). Dr. Webb's role was crucial and fundamental leading up to the creation of ISU, and to the ISU Founders, Dr.

Broadcast 1005 (Special Edition)

Guests: Lonnie Schorer and Barbara Sprungman David were the guests for this Space Show program. We focused on their new book, "Kids To Space Mission Plans: An Educator's Guide" published by Apogee Books. We talked about the structure of the book, the contents and much of the specialized material in the book, which makes it desirable for teachers to use, school boards to adopt, kids to love, and parents to demand. See if you agree after listening to this comprehensive discussion.

Broadcast 962 (Special Edition)

Guest: Barbara Sprungman David was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss her new book, "Kids To Space: Mission Plans, An Educator's Guide." Barbara co-authored this book with Lonnie Schorer and this book is a follow-on to Lonnie's earlier book "Kids To Space: A Space Traveler's Guide." Please listen to the earlier Space Show with Lonnie from May 19, 2006 located at: .

Broadcast 953 (Special Edition)

Guests: ISDC Taped Interviews #2 with Sarah Pickens, Dr. Burton Lee, Frank White, David Beaver, Jeff Krukin, and Keith Ferrell. This is the second set of taped interviews from ISDC 2008 in Washington, DC. The three taped interviews are played back to back without breaks but there is a slight pause between each one. The first interview is with Sarah Pickens, daughter of Tim Pickens.

Broadcast 850 (Special Edition)

Guest: Christopher Stott. Chris Stott was the guest for this program. We began our discussion with Chris offering us an introduction to both space industry on the Isle of Man and the company he founded, ManSat. This discussion led us to more detailed discussions regarding space commerce, space education such as the International Space University, space law and treaties, property rights, and the potential impact on space law/property rights depending on which nation will be the first back to the Moon.

Broadcast 606 (Special Edition)

Andrea Seastrand, Executive Director of the California Space Authority (CSA), was the guest for this Space Show program. Ms. Seastrand explained to us the role of the and we discussed many of its programs and the upcoming conference Dec. 1 and 2 in Los Angeles. The 2006 Transforming Space conference and SpotBeam Awards Dinner will be an important event to attend with a power packed program as well as those in attendance. Ms. Seastrand also hinted surprises for us given the conference is in Los Angeles and Star Trek is 40 years old this year. Ms.

Broadcast 603 (Special Edition)

Chris Gainor, Author of "Arrows To The Moon" was the guest on this Space Show program. Mr. Gainor described in detail the history of Avro's work, their Arrow, the political decision to kill the project which severely impacted the Canadian aviation industry, and then the departure of close to 32 Avro engineers to NASA who were key to taking us to the Moon. Chris also talked about many of the engineers who did go to NASA, the work they did, the contributions they made even to this day regarding our space program.

Broadcast 602 (Special Edition)

Don Scott was the guest for this Sunday Space Show program. As a former NASA education specialists, Don was able to provide us with first hand field information about space education in schools and with kids and teachers of all ages. His stories and experiences are very valuable and can help us all in our education outreach programs for developing space and properly funding our public space program. In his work, he did many interesting things such as visit schools in Montana with a demo International Space Station (ISS).

Broadcast 500 (Special Edition)

Matt Allner was the guest for this Space Show program which focused on space education programs at the middle school level. Matt was joined on the program by two of his 6th grade students calling in explaining space education programs from their perspective. Mr. Allner talked about the NASA Explorer School Program, NEEMO, and the NASA Educator Astronaut Program. Mr.


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