Space Dominance

Broadcast 1049 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. David Livingston hosted an Open Lines Space Show program for this election night special program. The first segment featured my personal thoughts, opinions, and analysis regarding space solar power (SSP). If you want to know what I really think about SSP, listen to what I have to say about it. As this was election night, we talked some with the listeners about the election, about how space might fair with the new administration and Congress, and what U.S. space policy might be like in coming years.

Broadcast 886 (Special Edition)

Guest: Mike Moore. Mike Moore was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss his new book, "Twilight War: The Folly of U.S. Space Dominance." We started our discussion by asking Mr. Moore to give us the premise of his book as well as a working definition for what might constitute a space weapon. This is a very interesting discussion. As you will hear, common sense and logic both play a fundamental role in how one defines a space weapon, since almost anything can qualify as a weapon just like here on Earth.

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