space development

Broadcast 146 (Special Edition)

Wes Oleszewski, noted author, historian and researcher, and cartoonist was the featured guest for this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Oleszewski introduced the Space Show audience to his friend and terrific cartoon character, Klyde Morris. We also discovered Klyde's unique commentary on space development, aviation, and just about everything else. Wes discussed space policy, differing views on the CAIB report, and the historical research he has conducted which led him to create powerful, interactive space CDs.

Broadcast 139 (Special Edition)

Greg Allison serves as the Program Manager for the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5) High Altitude Lift-Off (HALO) Program, and as President of the High Altitude Research Corporation (HARC). During this interview, we discuss why space development and exploration is important, new ideas for obtaining cheap access to space, commercial space ventures, alternative launch programs, the suborbital institute, the National Space Society, and risk taking for those wanting to venture into space. We also discuss the 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty and its impact on developing space commerce. Mr.


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