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Broadcast 692 (Special Edition)

Dr. Gregory Berns was our guest for this Space Show program. Please note that this program was subject to excessive telephone line noise that could not be cleared up so the audio is not up to usual Space Show standards. We do apologize for this inconvenience. We began the interview with Dr. Berns explaining his scientific research to us regarding what motivates people, then extrapolating what he has discovered and applying it to the space industry, especially the entrepreneurial space community.

Broadcast 614 (Special Edition)

Dennis Wingo returned to the program to discuss the importance of space vision, politics, national security, and the politics of limitation and reduced technology. This program provides listeners with a thorough analysis of the importance of space in supporting the future of humanity. Its largely a big picture vision program though we did talk about specific projects and subjects. For example, Dennis explained why from his analysis, low cost access to LEO is not that important in furthering space commerce.

Broadcast 605 (Special Edition)

Dr. Alan Binder returned as the guest for this Space Show program. Alan began the interview with updates and clarification regarding his Lunar Prospector project. This developed into a discussion about NASA and the public space program and how best to get into space. Alan believes the private sector is most suited for the job, would like to see NASA become like a DARPA and is strongly supportive of the entrepreneurial space community. He is less supportive of the large aerospace industry and he tells why. Based on his own work and experiences, Dr.

Broadcast 508 (Special Edition)

John King and Dr. Dave Logan were the guests for this Space Show program. Our discussion focused on the fundamental structure of stable partnerships and adult business behavior so that we can do a better job of building the space industry. This program came about because of the trash talking and destructive behavior so often found in the space community. Mr. King, Dr. Logan, and I wanted to address the problem head on and come up with solutions.

Broadcast 466 (Special Edition)

Dr. Jim Pass was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Pass brings to our attention his unique area of special interest which is astrosociology. You can learn much more about this discipline at this website, Jim explained astrosociology during the show, talked about how to get more people interested in the sociology community and about the rapid growth the field is having in segments of the space community.

Broadcast 427 (Special Edition)

Jim Benson, CEO of SpaceDev, returned to the Space Show for this special program and update. We began our discussion with Jim providing us with the details of the SpaceDev merger that is in process with Starsys. This is an exciting development for SpaceDev and the space community. Also, we learned about SpaceDev plans to apply for representation on American Stock Exchange, another milestone for the company and the developing space industry. We also discussed the RTM and NASA architecture and alternatives that SpaceDev has proposed.

Broadcast 331 (Special Edition)

Robert Zimmerman returned to The Space Show to update listeners on the happenings within the space community. We discussed return to flight with the upcoming Discovery shuttle flight, the new NASA Administrator Dr. Mike Griffin, Hubble, the Voyager program, and more. Bob pointed out the difference in NASA this year in its open support of many alternative and advocate space conferences, including ISDC among others. Zimmerman was also quick to point out some of the rough spots that are still plaguing NASA, including possible truthfulness, numbers, and more.

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