solar power

Broadcast 424 (Special Edition)

Dr. Paul Eckert was the guest for this Space Show program. We discussed many aspects of plausible lunar commerce and Dr. Eckert's work with the Boeing Lunar Commerce Working Group. We focused on using the Moon for energy for both in space activities and for use here on Earth, especially solar power. However, other forms of possible energy forms and uses were discussed, especially with listener questions, and you will certainly want to hear Dr. Eckert's responses to these inquiries.

Broadcast 410

Al Globus was the guest for this Space Show program. Al's special interest is space settlement and this program was largely devoted to stating the case for space settlement, how it can be done, why it should and in fact must be done, and how to make the case for space settlement with the general public and political leaders. We also talked about space resources, solar power, nanotechnology and its application in getting cheaper launch costs, space tourism including both suborbital and orbital, the U.S.


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