Broadcast 493 (Special Edition)

Rex Ridenoure, CEO of Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation of Pasadena, CA, joined The Space Show for this program. As Rex pointed out, Ecliptic is a very successful company, thus significantly broadening our usual application of the term We began our discussion talking about their RocketCam product which took the incredible Space Ship One and Shuttle real time photos. This discussion expanded how Rex leads Ecliptic in the global space economy, how they are impacted by ITAR, cost plus contracting versus FFP. We talked about business secrecy, public and private companies.

Broadcast 464 (Special Edition)

Dr. Jeff Bell was the guest for this special two hour Space Show program. Dr. Bell began the interview explaining his background in the pro-space community dating back to L5. He explained what happened that took him away from this community, why he is returning but also how he is returning to the community. Dr. Bell clearly explains why he is skeptical and has safety concerns regarding many of the companies making up and the pro-space community. Both as part of his interview comments and in response to a listener question, Dr.

Broadcast 460 (Special Edition)

Marlowe Cassetti was our special guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Cassetti, with is vast NASA experience on Mercury, Gemini, Skylab, and the Shuttle, shared with us information and stories that are not normally discussed on any program. For example, we learned that there was a serious effort to design, plan, and fly the Gemini spacecraft to the Moon. We learned about a government cover-up in the space program, not about ETs, but about keeping information classified and away from the former Soviet Union. Mr.


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