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Guest: General James B. Armor, USAF (Ret) was the guest for this program. General Armor discussed his policy recommendation that now is the time to create a special Space Corps within the Air Force. This position is explained in detail in Astropolitics, Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2007, pages 273-288, in his article entitled "It is Time to Create a United States Air Force Space Corps." I highly recommend that you read this article as it's excellent and Gen. Armor does a superb job of outlining where we are today in space, where will be in the future, and what our capabilities are now and for the foreseeable future. Many topics came up on the show, including ITAR. General Armor was very familiar with ITAR regarding the military, so you will want to hear what he has to say about this important issue. He also recommended we read the recently published CSIS paper on export controls. Many listener questions inquired about the logistics of creating a special Space Corps within the Air Force. Gen. Armor answered questions about the ICBM segment of Space Command, ballistic missile control with the Army, Space Command in general, the budget for such a program, and much more. Gen. Armor does not want a new branch of the military, nor does he want to see another large government bureaucracy created, but listen to what he says and let us know what you think. Specific questions were asked of him regarding space asset defense and scenarios with China, North Korea, and Iran. Do not miss this discussion. We also talked about responsive space and its status, space tourism, entrepreneurial space and the need, if any, for military protection for these developing commercial activities. One listener even mentioned there was no need for protection, space is not evolving as sea commerce did early in our nation's history when a navy was need to stop piracy. Again, do not miss this discussion. Other important threads you will hear during this discussion relate to why Space Command is not yet in favor of a Space Corp within the Air Force. General Armor mentions over and over again the importance and the need for enhanced and heightened Space Situational Awareness (SSA). We will be hearing more about this in the future. If you want to ask a question or give a comment to General Armor, he welcomes



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31 Mar 2008 General James B. Armor
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