Broadcast 367 (Special Edition)

31 Jul 2005 Art Hingerty
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Art Hingerty was the guest for this Space Show program. We began the discussion talking about the current Space Shuttle foam problems as Mr. Hingerty worked on the Shuttle in Florida during the Shuttle's early history. This discussion took us into exploring plausible alternatives to rockets for getting off Earth. Mr. Hingerty began discussing mag lift from a very realistic point of view. In response to listener questions and comments, we talked about the potential for mag lift on the Moon as well as on Earth, possible locations for its use on Earth such as mountains and very high mountains, ITAR, and much more. We even discussed using the mag lift and rail system for thrill rides when not being used for space launches as this would help pay for the system. Mr. Hingerty brought us current with the state of research, funding, and application for mag lift. Mr. Hingerty provided us with a realistic and very clear assessment of mag lift and how it might be used for our future, stressing its potential value. Other questions addressed to Mr. Hingerty included the use of national space programs for national political purposes. Mr. Hingerty provided a good understanding of how this is done, not just for the US space program, but also for other countries including China, the EU, and Russia. Listeners are welcome to contact Mr. Hingerty by e-mail to further the mag lift discussion. He will also send interested listeners papers on the subject and other relevant, important information. Art Hingerty can be contacted at or through me at



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