Broadcast 191 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

31 Jan 2004 Frederick Ordway III
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Frederick Ordway III was the featured guest for this Space Show program. We spoke extensively about Wernher von Braun and his Rocket Team, their work in Germany, their coming to the United States, and how they developed our space program. Mr. Ordway also discussed the space development and exploration visions for the future that von Braun is known for, and suggested solid reasons why as a nation we did not move forward to make those visions our nations reality, especially sending humans to Mars, staying on the Moon, lunar settlements, and more. Mr. Ordway provided us with is views and ideas regarding the new space policy initiative proposed by President Bush, we discussed the role of the private sector in space development and what might have been our space development reality had von Braun and others considered a private sector role for space development back in the early days of our emerging space program. Mr. Ordway also discussed the part played by von Braun in the Nazi war effort and how that part was considered when von Braun and his Rocket Team associates came to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip. He also describes how von Braun was treated and protected during the early years that he was here in the States, working on rockets and the then very early space program. In addition, I asked Mr. Ordway to explain to us why we should care about this early history, both as to the WW II history with von Braun and later on the history relating to the emergence and development of our space program. His response to this series of questions early in the program make the case for our ability to create our new space program on the foundation of what has already been created, thus assuring that we move forward to a full space-faring status as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Frederick Ordway III was an important guest for The Space Show and our listeners and I look forward to his return to the program.



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