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Jim Lewis, Managing Director of Deep Space Communications Network (DSCN), was the guest for this special morning Space Show program. Mr. Lewis explained the concept behind DSCN and how any of us can use the product to send a message to deep space. This is an exciting space business right here on the ground that any of us can access and the fee is reasonable. Mr. Lewis, in response to many listener questions as well as my own, discussed the technical aspects of how they send a message to deep space, where the message goes, how long it takes to get to the destination, satellite communications, acquiring time on a commercial communications satellite, and much more. Listeners should visit the DSCN website for additional information and the forms necessary to send their personal message to deep space. The URL is Also, watch The Space Show newsletter as I will soon be announcing a special program to be worked out with Mr. Lewis so that The Space Show and its listeners can send regular messages to deep space using the DSCN. At the website, Mr. Lewis has a great FAQ which I recommend you read if you are interested in this service or activity. Jim Lewis can be reached through the website but also at his company website for Communications Concepts, Inc. at and by email at As always, you can also reach Mr. Lewis by email him through I applaud Jim Lewis and team for a very innovative space business and I urge all of you to listen to this program.



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31 Aug 2005 Jim Lewis
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