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Guest: John Hornung. Topics: Aerospace memoirs, Saturn 1 B, developing testing formulas and methods for the space program. Our guest, John P. Hornung, is a retired aerospace worker having worked on the Saturn 1 B with the Chrysler Corporation Space Division. Mr. Hornung has written his memoirs which detail his part in the early days of developing our space program for the Moon, human spaceflight, and rocket development. Mr. Hornung will give listeners a free copy of his 40 page memoir, "To the Moon, Without Me," just by sending him an email and requesting it with your mailing address. Having read his story, I strongly recommend it because John Hornung was among those pioneers that wrote the book on building, designing, testing, and developing rockets and human spaceflight. His memoir is an important treasure of information that would server us all well to know, understand, and remember. As Mr. Hornung's subjects went across our segments, this program description does not really lend itself to be described segment by segment. Some of the topics we covered were the development of reliability testing systems, confidence intervals and reliability formulas for the Saturn 1 B and other rockets. We talked about early industry challenges, competition not just with the Soviets but with the Air Force and its rocket and space programs. Mr. Hornung goes into exciting detail about the math and analysis he did, especially by using imaginary numbers as that made his work accurate, especially when compared to the work of others that ignored imaginary numbers. Specific testing programs were discussed and we also talked about the layoffs that took place in the early days of the space program, even before we went to the Moon. John helped us extrapolate from then to now with the employment pressures in today's aerospace industry. Listen carefully as he provided with good recommendations to make careers more valuable and universal, even outside the space industry I believe this to be a very important two hour Space Show program. Don't miss it. If you have a question or comment for John Hornung or if you want a free copy of his memoirs, please email him at



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30 Oct 2009 John Hornung
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