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We welcomed back to the show Dr. Dragos Bratasanu for what was supposed to be a 60 minute one segment program but it turned out to be a one segment 1 hour 27 minute discussion.  To learn more about Dr. Dragos, his work and his new book plus the movie, visit  Note also the special offer talked about near the end of the program for seeing his Pursuit of Dreams movie free.  This is limited time offer so if interested, be sure to take prompt attention.

We started the discussion with Dr. Dragos re-introducing himself to our audience given that we have so many new listeners and most may not have been familiar with his work.  While we intended our discussion to be 60 minutes, Dr. Dragos spent additional time with us answering questions and addressing many topics of interest.  During his introduction, he referenced NASA and the NASA way of doing things and his work with NASA.  He also spoke freely about growing up under communism in Romania, letting us know how that impacted him as a young boy with his dreams and vision for his future.  Our guest told us the story of how he wanted to visit the North and South Poles and then how he was able to do it.  He talked about his process which he broke down as a possible learning lesson .  Along the way, he cited examples of what he was talking about via NASA, events that took place that would be significant in terms of how our thinking and behavior got shaped.  He described and talked about our social environment throughout the discussion.  Don't miss out on what he said about the social environment  and about keeping negative thinking and advice out of your consciousness as much as possible.  He explained why this was so important.  At one point, what he was saying about others meaning well and offering "advice" became a question by a Denver listener regarding accepting business and entrepreneurial type advice from consultants, mentors and others that might be key to a startup endeavor.  Dragos was quick to point out the need for discernment as you want the feedback and advice from key people that have your best interest at heart and have expertise in the subject.  It is the "we mean well" type of advice that you may want to avoid.  He talked about always listening to your instincts and to pay attention to your dreams, not what others might say about these aspects of what you are doing or attempting to do.  This discussion was followed by a Hubble Space Telescope and Challenger story he told to illustrate the points he was making. 

Later, Dr. Dragos referenced a classic conformity1950's experiment by Dr. Asch (  I suggest you read about it as it shows how people conform to their social environment, even if they may intuitively think otherwise or if the conforming may be detrimental to them somehow.  Dr. Dragos told this story so we would be aware and resist such behavior as it can and often stops us from realizing our dreams. 

Another important point addressed by Dr. Dragos was media negativity information.  News stories, true or not, sensational or not, can alter our behavior.  Don't miss what he said about media toxicity and the need to tune it out.  Our guest then referenced a Yelp study so pay attention to what he said as it referred to the wasted potential of nearly a billion people.  Other topics included the importance of quality feedback, the "on demand" culture and the problems it causes and more. 

Near the end of the discussion, a listener asked our guest for an actual step by step process.  Dragos suggested that first one needed to know the heart's calling.  That was what was valued by the person. This needed to be figured out as a priority issue.  In addition, how do you transfer what is inside you and of value to the outside for the benefit of others.  He talked about the need to rise above the social environment he had been discussing during the program.  Here, Dragos talked about the need to be in service.  Don't miss what he said about this concept as it was key to what he was talking about and also it was an important part of his new book and movie. 

Dragos then talked about his book, his movie, and how to see the movie on his special limited free offer.  Pay attention and visit his website for detail and participation,  Before the program ended, another listener sent in an email asking about a timeline for success based upon what our guest was saying during our discussion.  Don't miss how Dragos responded to this question.  You might want to comment on his response on our blog.

Please post your comments/questions for Dr. Dragos on our blog.  You can reach Dragos through me or his website.




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30 Mar 2018 Dragos Bratasanu
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