Broadcast 323 (Special Edition)

30 Mar 2005 Dr. Alan Binder
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Dr. Alan Binder returned to the The Space Show last night to discuss his new book, Lunar Prospector: Against All Odds. He began the interview by telling us the Lunar Prospector story, the challenges he faced technically as well as from NASA, Lockheed, and individuals. This story includes interesting reflections regarding the upcoming NASA Administrator, Dr. Mike Griffin as Dr. Binder did not have very good experiences with him when he was the AA of NASA and working with him on Lunar Prospector. In response to a listener call, Dr. Binder discussed the possibility of water on the Moon. He also discussed the Viking lander's 1976 effort to find traces of life. Dr. Binder went into some detail to discuss the new space vision as proposed by President Bush and why he thinks NASA cannot make it happen. In response to another listener question, Dr. Binder agreed that he was a "NASA basher" but you will want to hear his explanation of what he means by agreeing to being a basher of NASA. This is an exceptionally interesting and action packed program with Dr. Binder speaking his mind about many subjects, all relating to making sure we have a vibrant private sector in space. Please feel free to contact Dr. Binder at



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