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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

The Space Foundation Conference

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Guests:  Rod Pyle & Dr. Anthony Paustian;  Topics:  NSS A Day In Space 2020; ISDC 2021 plans and timelines.

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We welcomed Rod and Tony to the program for a one segment 79 minute discussion focusing first on the NSS A Day In Space 2020 followed by the current plans for ISDC 2021.  For information on A Day In Space, visit  If you click on the CLICK HERE box scrolling down the page and enter your name and email address, you will get updates, later information about additional related material, books and other benefits originating from this event.  Continue scrolling down to see the list of speakers for the event though there may still be additional speakers for this program.  Note that this is a pre-recorded event in high def resolution so all the talks, presentations, and panels currently in post-production.  There is no live audience participation though as explained during the discussion, there will likely be chat room capabilities if you listen on Facebook Live. If you click on Schedule, you will see the program schedule, topics for the three main programs with the speakers and their topics per master topic. 

We talked quite a bit about the pre-recorded format, why this event, the cancellation of ISDC 2020, and the technology being used for A Day In Space, which will be extremely high resolution with superb audio, lighting, and more, may indicated a new trend in the space meeting community.  Our guests also talked about streaming venues to watch the programming.  Listen to the streaming options,  You will have no problem logging in to this free event.  In addition, you can come and go as you please during the entire event.  For those unable to see the event on July 16, it will be archived on the NSS website for future viewing. 

For a short summary of discussion topics and a description of a few of the speakers, note the Tags/Key Words copied here:  National Space Society (NSS), NSS A Day In Space 2020 , ISDC 2020, ISDC 2021, A Day In Space Speakers, A Day In Space Agenda, speaker profiles, 50 Years of Apollo, Apollo 50th Anniversary Panel, Buzz Aldrin, Dr. Alan Stern, Dr. Sara Seager, Rob Manning, Explore Mars, The Solar System and Beyond, The Business of Space, JPL Mars history, exoplanets, A Day In Space Registration and streaming, ISDC 2021 Los Angeles, ISDC 2021 timeline, age for NSS events, Zoom event, E360 Channel, NSS Downlink, Ad Astra, VR Augmented Reality, freelance writers, "A Quarter Million Steps"

After concluding comments for A Day In Space, we focused on ISDC 2021.  Tony is the ISDC 2021 chair.  He talked about carrying over much of the cancelled material and programming from ISDC 2020 plus added new material for ISDC 2021.  Both Rod and Tony said that the event was still in planning but that we should start seeing more information on it toward the end of the summer or by early fall.  In addition, while they hoped the event would happen in Los Angeles, they said much of this was still unknown due to the spiking Covid-19 virus.  As a result of Covid, the risk of not being able to do a face to face events, and what they have been learning from A Day In Space, NSS is looking for ways to add in very professional virtual programming and events.  Don't miss what our guests said about that and the direction NSS is heading for the future. 

As we were getting ready to end the program, Rod told us about his current book projects.  Tony told us about his sequel to his very successful book on management using space, "A Quarter Million Steps."  If you are interested in his book with an Al Worden autograph, listen up for instructions on how to get such a copy.  I plan on having Tony back as a guest to discuss this book and later his sequel as they both are certainly along the lines of Space Show listener interests.


Please post your comments/questions for Tony and Rod on our blog for this show.  You can reach both of our guests through me, through NSS and their websites. 




NSS A Day In Space 2020; ISDC plans for 2021

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30 Jun 2020 Rod Pyle, Dr. Anthony Paustian
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference