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Guest:  Avi Shabtai; Topics:  Ramon Space, space computer systems and storage, Ramon Space track record, hardware and software descriptions, market influence, known customers, future plans and more.

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We welcomed Avi Shabtai, CEO of Ramon Space to the program for a discussion about the company, their products, space computing and software advances plus in space storage.  Be sure to visit their website at for more product information, the types of missions they support, and for additional information on in space storage, super computer in space and more.

We started our discussion by asking Avi to introduce us to Ramon Space.  One way he suggested might help us know more about the company was for him to mention a few missions supported by Ramon Space products.  He mentioned JAXA and the Hayabusa 2 mission, a Mars ESA orbiter in 2016, NASA hurricane predicting satellites and a 2020 solar orbiter plus other deep space missions.  In response to a question, Ramon Space hardware was pretty much the same for all missions but their software was designed for the organization and the specific mission.  Avi talked about their being able to program and write code on the actual mission in space, plus he said their hardening process took place from the ground up.  He had more to say about hardening when he was asked how a product was hardened.  He was also asked if his hardware could hold up against an EMP attack.  Don't miss what he said in response to this question.  Avi continued with his introduction with a discussion space super computers and computing.  He talked about the advantages of being able to program in orbit.

Our guest was asked about competition in his field.  He does have competition and the field is a hot, growing and trendy field so Ramon Space expects to be in a highly competitive environment  Next, another listener email asked about Ramon Space and human spaceflight.  Our guest said their focus was on data collection so they were not actually doing anything directly related to human spaceflight.  Later when Artemis was brought up, he talked about their work on the non-human part of the mission.  Listener Joe in San Francisco asked for a report the second effort by SpaceIL to land on the Moon.  Don't miss what he said about this mission and effort.

I asked our guest about their recent Round A funding completion of $17.5 million.  He told us how the funds would be used as Ramon Space is growing, expanding and selling into new markets.  Based on his response to the funding question, I asked if they were hiring in the U.S., if they worked with interns, then I asked for his five year and ten year plan in terms of where he would like to see Ramon Space in those specific time intervals.  Listen to his plans, his plans, the vision, and his goals.  This discussion was followed by a question from Jerry in Denver. Jerry wanted to know how he calculated into business planning economic uncertainties, rising national debt, inflation and other factors.  While Avi did not exactly say how they factored in these items or weighted them in Ramon Space analysis, he did say the carefully considered macro factors in their business planning. 

Listener Beth asked more about Artemis and Todd asked about deep space missions and how such a mission might impact their hardware and software.  Don't miss what Avi said about deep space missions and how they design and build hardware and program software.  Following this discussion our guest was asked about security issues with a focus on cyber security.  The listener suggested their might be more vulnerability with off satellite storage or software if the connection was lost or their was a blackout or something like this.  Avi addressed this concern in some detail so don't miss this discussion.  Another listener sent in a question about for the Ramon Space success rate.  Avi repeated what he said earlier in the show that so far out of fifty missions, there have been no failures. I asked him what they do to make such a record possible.  Do listen to how he answered me.  

As we were nearing the end of the program, a Los Angeles listener asked Avi what excited or inspired him about his work and Ramon Space.  Avi provided us with a fascinating insight into both the company and his own worldview in answering the question.  He also painted a clear picture of his vision and his goals.  No wonder he is excited by what he is doing.  Do not miss what Avi said in response to the L.A. question.  A brief question followed from Jack in Houston asking if there would someday be a joint space mission with the UAE and Israel due to the Abraham Accords.  Our guest said "why not?"  Before we ended, I asked Avi about company plans for going public, doing a SPACE or maybe joining in on an ETF.  Maybe some day. Listen and you decide.  Linda got in a quick question about Ramon Space pursuing business in the Southern Hemisphere, specifically Australia.  I got in the final question when I asked about the trends in his industry since Ramon Space started in 2004 through today.  Hint:  We both agreed as I have seen pretty much the same thing in recent years hosting TSS.

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Avi Shabtai, CEO of Ramon Space joins us on commercial space, super computing and more

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30 Jul 2021 Avi Shabtai
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