Broadcast 530 (Special Edition)

30 Jul 2006 Dr. Fred Singer
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Dr. S. Fred Singer was the special guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Singer began the interview with a detailed discussion of his Ph-D Project, going to Mars via the moon Deimos with a base on Deimos and working from the other Martian moon, Photos. Dr. Singer explained why it is easier, less costly, and much faster to go to Deimos than to Mars. This is one of the discussions you must hear as it makes scientific, engineering, and economic sense to launch Mars exploration with this type of plan. Dr. Singer answered many questions about this program including questions dealing rockets, radiation, robotic exploration, science, why go to Mars with humans, and so much more. Again, don't miss it. In the last segment of the program, Dr. Singer discussed the issue of climate change and global warming right here on Earth. Dr. Singer has spent his career studying this subject and is an expert and authority on it, among other issues as well. His discussion is eye-opening, again, a discussion not to be missed. He also talks the straight truth about the politics and academics regarding the global warming issue. Dr. Singer has a terrific website with his articles and newsletters there for everyone to see. Visit and click on archives, FAQ, and the other index topics. Dr. Singer will take your comments and questions using my email address,



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