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We welcomed back to the show Dr. Erik Seedhouse to discuss his new book, "Mars One: The Ultimate Reality TV Show?"  During our two segment 94 minute program, Dr. Seedhouse addressed the many different segments of the Mars One mission from a critical perspective. For example, Erik spent significant time discussing Mars One and life support. he went over our technology for closed life support systems which we do not now have though he said we were about 93% there.  He doubted we will have real closed loop life support via the Mars One revised timeline which is the late 2020s or early to mid 2030's.  Erik and I discussed many of the ethical issues which come into play because Mars One is planned as a reality TV show so the TV stations and producers have ethical issues with such a mission.  Do not miss this discussion.  The same for our discussion about Mars One legal hurdles.

Dr. Seedhouse also talked about their type of astronaut training, comparing their training to what he described as real astronaut training.  The same for their crew selection process.  Other topics we discussed including emergency preparations, choice of launch vehicle (there is none), their lack of making any hardware for their missions, possible crew rescue issues, and more.  Dr. Seedhouse referred to Mars One as a great thought experiment more than once.  He talked about their having quality team members with advisors and board members but that their plans would still not be implement.  He explained why there would be no implementation many times during our program.  He also talked about the specific ethical issues that the sponsors would have to consider.  Furthermore, he thought some might be show stoppers. 

Listeners had many email questions for Erik, including several that sought to compare Mars One to the SpaceX Mars plans.  Erik had much to say about this type of comparison, believing that SpaceX would get to Mars with humans before anyone else, including NASA.  Later in the program, Erik was asked about Mars One planning any stepping stone missions, training flights, or anything like that.  Our guest said no but did talk about some on the ground simulations they planned. 

Before the program ended, Erik was asked about the news regarding the space vision problem we have talked about on the show.  Erik talked about the fluid shift and ICP, suggesting that mitigation strategies would be created for this medical problem.  Our guest spent time during our discussion to stress that humans were an exploration oriented culture and that we were risk takers.  He compared Mars One to many of the very early human explorations, some of which he said were harder and riskier than going to Mars.

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Eric's new book "Mars One: The Ultimate Reality TV Show?

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30 Jan 2017 Dr. Erik Seedhouse
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