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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guests:  Multiple callers and email listeners;  Topics:  SLS, Starship, home made airplanes, Las Vegas, Focus Fusion, JWST, redshift, Big Bang, The Lurio Report, and more.

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Welcome to our program for those wanting to be on The Space Show.  As regular listeners know, we do not accept self-invited guests to the program. Instead we offer them an opportunity to call in on Open Lines and tell us what is on their mind.  Very few ever do that.  Once or twice a year I create a program focused on getting those people who want to be on the show to call in and be on this dedicated program.  Usually nobody calls and the program turns into a regular Open Lines program.  That is what happened for this program.  While we had no calls from those wanting to be on the program, by the way do listen to how I explained it during my discussion, and we did have multiple interesting Open Lines calls. 

Marshall started us off by talking about his home built airplane he is working on.   Marshall took us through all aspects of his plane, his modified engine, challenges, the regulatory requirements, getting an air worthiness certificate plus the expected performance of the two seater.  We have asked Marshall to send a photo and I will post on the blog or he can post it. We want to see this state of the art flying machine.  As I keep telling Marshall, I am in the market for low cost life insurance on Marshall that does not exempt flying in a home built airplane.  When he has it finished, Marshall hopes to fly it west. We will track his pioneering flight when the time comes.

Following Marshall's call, Tim out of Huntsville called asking to get Eric Lerner back on the show for fusion plus his views on the Big Bang theory. As I have explained, Eric has not been responding to my invites that I have given him to return for the last few years.  I would welcome Eric back and if anyone can help get him back on the show, we would all be appreciative.  With a response from Eric its hard to know the why of his not wanting to return to TSS.  I hope that somehow we can get Eric back on the program soon. He is a more than interesting guy with lots to talk about.

Ft. Worth John called to add to and correct some of my Robert Goddard comments that were made earlier in the show.  John also talked about SLS and did not seem to be upset at the very high $4.2 billion dollar SLS launch cost.  John rationalized the high costs and said he was ok with it. Listen to his cost argument and tell us what you think by posting on our blog.  Even with John's argument on the high costs, with such high costs most of us do not think SLS to be sustainable.  John had much more to say and talk about so keep listening.

Near the end our good friend Dr. Charles Lurio called to tell us that SLS was a bad joke.  Of course I heard no laughing, not even from Charles. Charles had much to say about SLS with none of it being good.  Charles was on with us for about 20 minutes covering additional topics, including commentary on part of Lori Garver's new book regarding SLS.  At the end, Charles called for a sustainable lunar program.  He did not think SLS was sustainable. 

Please post your comments/questions on our blog for this show.  If you want to reach any of our callers, let me know or send your commentary to me and I will pass it on to the person of your choice. 




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30 Aug 2022 Dr. David Livingston
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference