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For The Week Of August 25-30, 2019


Welcome to the Week In Review, a new Space Show Weekly Feature.

We started our week on Sunday, August 25th with John Bucknell.  John updated us with nuclear propulsion and rocket developments, including his own work.  He then focused on one of the best ways, in his opinion, to commercialize space, space based solar power.  Don't miss this very interesting discussion.

On Tuesday, August 27, Dr. Jeff Foust returned as the guest.  Jeff had much to say regarding current space policy, budgets, a Space Force, China, Starhopper, SpaceX Starship, returning to the Moon, the private sector and more.  Yet another excellent discussion.

On Thursday, August 28 we went off topic for the "DeLorean-Living The Dream" Kickstarter film project with Jordan.  Though not space related, Jordan provided us with riveting stories regarding the DeLorean car, John DeLorean, and why his movie project is unique and stands out among other DeLorean movies.

Friday, August 30 with Ted Southern of Final Frontier Design was the last program for the week given we are going into the Labor Day Holiday.  Everything you wanted to know about spacesuits, IVA suits, EVA suits, commercial spacesuits, Russian suits, SpaceX and spacesuits, Blue Origin and Virgin and spacesuits, positive pressure suits, the ISS and the Space Shuttle spacesuits, even diving suits, and more make this program with Ted a fascinating listening experience.

While all of the programming this week was outstanding, I am highlighting the DeLorean program.  All of us, myself included, like to change and mix things up every once in a while.  This DeLorean film project program certainly did that.  Lots of new information, interesting topics, a great Kickstarter project, very cool rewards, and the exposure to a fabulous international community that most of us, myself included, did not know existed.  Since we can't and probably should not live and breathe space 24/7 on a perpetual basis, this DeLorean program is a must listen to so that we have some variety in our lives. 

We welcome your blog comments regarding each of these program.  Just post them on the specific blog in question.

Thank you to all our guest for this week on The Space Show.  Since This Week In Review is a new feature of The Space Show, let us know if you like it or if you have suggestions for improving it.

To all, a great Labor Day weekend and holiday.  Make sure you stay safe and always keep looking up.  For those of you outside the US or not engaging in Labor Day, also have a great weekend and you too keep it safe.  For everybody, keep looking up but hey, not while driving, OK?

David Livingston (Dr. Space)



The Week In Review, a new Space Show Feature

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30 Aug 2019 Dr. David Livingston
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