Broadcast 705 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

30 Apr 2007 George T. Whitesides
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George Whitesides, Executive Director of the National Space Society, was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss the upcoming 2007 ISDC conference. George answered many listener questions about NSS policy and support for the VSE, plus questions about the likely political changes resulting from the coming 2008 elections. We also discussed the most effective way to communicate with our elected members of congress, both as individuals and as part of an advocate organization. In addition, we discussed effective pro space-faring messages. As for ISDC, we noted that there is both a financial symposium the day before ISDC starts and you can find out about it on the ISDC website, Note that this symposium requires a separate registration. Also, there is a special teachers track for this year's ISDC so if you are a teacher or interested in this addition to ISDC, check it out at . ATWG also has there conference before ISDC starts so if you are interested in their exceptional program, register for it and check it out at (May 22-24). George described some of the special events for the conference including John Carmack bringing his launch hardware with him for show. The list of speakers is powerful, check it out at This year's ISDC is clearly a balance of quality programming for the new space ventures in New Space, the VSE plus more. There is no doubt it will be an outstanding conference. Sponsorships are still available so if this interests you, contact George Whitesides directly at Tell George you heard about the conference and sponsorships on The Space Show. If you have additional comments or questions for George Whitesides about the upcoming ISDC or anything else for that matter, send him a note at I look forward to seeing all of you at Dallas at ISDC. I will be recording interviews with people at the conference and will be creating Space Show programs based on being at ISDC, the financial symposium and the ATWG program so make sure you come up to me and share your thoughts and opinions with The Space Show.



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