Broadcast 488 (Special Edition)

30 Apr 2006 Dr. Freeman Dyson
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Professor Freeman Dyson was the very special guest for this Space Show program. Professor Dyson offered his perspective on a wide ranging list of topics including investment, the private sector and space access, cosmic radiation, Mars, the VSE, the ISS, shuttle, and humans versus robotic/scientific space missions. We also talked about nuclear power for space and his famous Project Orion. He provided us with his thoughts on HE3, fusion, and why space is not a great draw across America and elsewhere. He would like to see very fast vehicles getting us to the Moon, a NEO or someplace quickly to excite the public. He was not optimistic about the VSE but he is optimistic about the private sector getting us to space in the not too distant future. If you want to contact Dr. Dyson with additional questions or comments, you can send him e-mail at



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