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Guest:  Open Lines with multiple callers;  Topics:  A variety of topics dealing with all aspects of space science, exploration, and settlement plus callers talking about Covid 19.

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Welcome to our nearly two hour two segment Open Lines discussion.  Many callers, many topics, several emails from listeners and lots of information.  Robert Jacobson, author of "Space Is Open For Business" joined us for the first half hour to talk space, his activities and presentations, plus we talked about what space policy for the Moon and commercial space might be like in a Biden Administration.  He mentioned the National Space Council and wondered if it would continue with the new VP as it has been continuing for the past four years with VP Pence.  I asked Robert and other CA listeners to report in if any knew anything about Sen. Harris and her interest in space here in CA. Several did comment on this in addition to Robert and myself but all of us agreed that space was probably not on her agenda.  Robert then told us about a new business he started, Luna Prise (see for details).  Robert described this new business in detail so listen up as it might interest you and you might see it as a gift giving opportunity for this holiday period.  Before Robert signed off, he made a special offer for Space Show donors of $100 or more. Listen to his offer and if interested contact me and I will make sure you get in contact with Robert.  His offer is for Space Show donations of $100 or more as I announced the beginning of our 2020 Annual Fundraising Campaign to support The Space Show for 2021.

Fremont John called and told us about the reviews he posted on Robert's book.  He also mentioned an Everyday Astronaut program plus more was said about Robert's new business.  Don't miss Robert's special offer when supporting The Space Show.  It is a winner for Robert and his book along with The Space Show. 

Ft. Worth John called and mentioned the upcoming SpaceX SM8 demo flight.  I asked John to drive to Boca and be a roving reporter for The Space Show but he said the drive was too far.  John talked about Covid and the new administration plus the vaccine.  I challenged John on his overly positive assumption making (I did not think his assumptions were based on anything other than his wish list).  How about letting us know what you think about this part of the discussion by posting on the blog.  I also told John he needed to listen and be more respectful of people that disagree with him. 

Marshall called to tell us he was building an airplane.  We talked about it and later he sent me a photo of it.  He wants to use it to fly around the farm lands to save  time checking things out.  It was an interesting discussion.  I will see if I can get Marshall to post a photo of it on our blog.  Marshall also spoke about Covid and the study on the death rate by Johns Hopkins University which was then removed and withdrawn as they said too many people were drawing the wrong conclusions from their conclusions.  I will post a link to the study on the blog along with links to other items discussed on today's program.

Kim called and talked about this lunar hab design sent us by John Jossy and Dr. Benaroya, the Luna Pantheon.  This item has been posted on our blog.  We talked about her upcoming Space Show program with the new Moonwards demo plus some other topics.  Fremont John called again right after Kim's call to tell us he posted the Lunar Pantheon on the blog and to again mention his very positive book review of Robert's book.  John also told us about the Nanoracks UAE project,  the StarLab Space Farming Center.   Before signing off, John mentioned a new UK SSP study, a new ESA program regarding the Moon and I talked about a gift I got from my son and his fiancé which was a telescope that attached to my iPhone.  Before leaving, John and I talked about the Dec. 21, 2020 upcoming Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  I will post some articles about this even on the blog along with the other articles mentioned on the show.

I also talked about some possible discussion topics earlier in the show including a fairly new Dr. Zubrin article going after planetary protection and human spaceflight negativity, especially for Mars.  His op-ed "Wokeists Assault Space Exploration" of Nov. 14, 2020 has caused quite a crack in the Force.  I will post a link to it on the blog but you can also find it on the Mars Society website. 

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What is on your mind regarding space & Science. We want to know so call and tell us.

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29 Nov 2020 Dr. David Livingston
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