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Guest: Chris Carberry. Topics: Explore Mars, Inc, Mars goals and time tables. Chris Carberry is the Executive Director and co-founder of the new organization, Explore Mars, Inc. ( which was created to promote science and technology innovation and education with a use for Mars Exploration. In our first segment, Chris went into detail as to why his group thought it necessary to form a new Mars organization and he explained their early focus on prizes. In general, he said prices would range from around $10,000 to $100,000 and would be designed to jump start technologies and education. He described two early prizes, a technology price offering $50,000 and an education prize for a Mars curriculum. Chris explains both of these prizes in detail so don't miss this discussion. Later in this segment, Chris fielded some listener questions and one asked about possible prizes and a focus on Martian robotic teams for robotic cave exploration on Mars. As you will hear, our guest asked for ideas and suggestions for additional prizes. Another listener questioned the effectiveness of prizes if we can't get to Mars for decades. Chris explained how such prizes stimulate interest in science and more. In our second segment, listener Anthony from the UK had questions about a Mars timeline of 2030 for Explore Mars, the Obama plan for 2035 and Chris offered his analysis. Don't miss what Mr. Carberry had to say about this. This discussion then evolved to a focus on heavy lift and here Chris had much to say. In fact, when pressed as to what type of compromise might come about with Congress and the administration re space policy, Chris suggested heavy lift would be an area for such compromise. Chris said his new organization was starting to push the Mars message in Congress. He also said going to the Moon first was fine as long as we did not get bogged down and stuck on the Moon. Toward the end of this segment, the issue of going to Phobos first came up. This is another discussion you do not want to miss. In the third and final segment, Chris told us about the Explore Mars agriculture workshop that they are planning, their online magazine, and we talked about Mars jobs and internships, educational outreach, and more. We asked Mr. Carberry more questions about what he thought a compromise would like regarding space policy and he again focused on heavy lift. He repeated their need for volunteers, ideas, and suggestions for meeting the goals of Explore Mars, Inc. Visit their website at for more information about joining in with this organization on its Mars projects. If you have a question or comment for Chris Carberry, please send it to him at



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29 May 2010 Chris Carberry
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