Broadcast 342 (Special Edition)

29 May 2005 Stephan A. Schwartz
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Stephan A. Schwartz was the guest on this Space Show program. Mr. Schwartz discussed scientific research and remote viewing (RV), applying it to space development as well as other projects and disciplines. Stephan made an important distinction with the type of scientific research with remote viewing that we discussed on the show today with the type of remote viewing that has entered the pop culture world. This distinction is important in understanding the full range of what can be accomplished using RV as a component of scientific protocols. He noted that one has every right to be skeptical of what is passed off in the pop culture world as RV. We also discussed nonlocal consciousness research that shows time and space are not limitations. Stephan discussed several documented RV projects that provided information about space research well in advance of the facts becoming known through space probes and other space exploration projects. Mr. Schwartz explained how genius throughout history in all disciplines has been able to tap into what RV taps into in order to create advancements and superior accomplishments. The subject of RV in the U.S. as compared to other countries was brought up by a listener and we learned that RV is accepted and used worldwide. We discussed healing by using RV and learned that it is not a magic bullet, but that with the proper scientific protocols, it can provide exceptionally useful information that can speed up research and the development of benefits. When asked if the same sort of thing could be done utilizing RV to see how rocket and other space related problems are solved when our space industries are more mature, we learned that this type of research was also possible. But again, Mr. Schwartz stresses that using RV in this research is not to be taken as a magic bullet but to be used as an extremely useful and beneficial research tool. RV usage by governments, the media, and in political strategy was also discussed. Mr. Schwartz teaches RV through a very high quality DVD/CD set titled The Gold Standard Course which I highly recommend as I have the course and find it to be a superb teaching tool. He also has a new book which will soon be out, "Remote Viewing: The Modern Mental Martial Art." For further information, use the websites listed below in the biographical data for Mr. Schwartz. You can also reach Stephan Schwartz by email at or as always through



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