Broadcast 322 (Special Edition)

29 Mar 2005 Dr. David Schrunk
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Dr. David Schrunk returned to the Space Show to discuss his new book and the need for quality of laws. We discussed the need for quality of laws as applicable to space, but also to us here right now in our society. Dr. Schrunk made the point that we expect and demand quality control and quality in every aspect of our lives, why not law. He proposes no law be made unless it is has been designed by quality law professional designers specifically trained to design laws and that it is evaluated to make sure it is a beneficial law. Listen to this program. Dr. Schrunk proposes solutions to problems in our society arising from poor quality laws, enforcement, and related issues. You will want to read his book when it comes out so watch the newsletter and listen to The Space Show as I will be announcing it. You can contact Dr. Schrunk at



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