Broadcast 1183 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

29 Jun 2009 Ryan McLinko, James Pura
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Guests: James Pura and Ryan McLinko. Topics: NewSpace 2009, lunar opportunities, Kool-Aid, NASA Ames. Our guests, James Pura and Ryan McLinko are the co-chairs of the upcoming NewSpace 2009 conference to be held July 17-20 at NASA Ames in Mountain View, Ca. For more information about NewSpace 2009, please visit James and Ryan went through some of the featured programming and keynote speakers. We talked about the $5,000 Heinlein Prize that will be given to the winner of the business plan competition. We also talked about the Black Tie Gala Event and Banquet the last night of the conference, July 20, also the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. Some of the programming that was mentioned in detail during the show addressed the space elevator, space solar power, commercial lunar opportunities, the networking that will be available, point to point suborbital transportation, and Teachers in Space. Both James and Ryan also talked about the online registration, the conference hotel and the special conference rate, the programming with the ISU Summer Session attendees, and more. In the last segment of the show, I asked both guests how they discovered and got interested in the Space Frontier Foundation. This discussion led to asking them if they thought being a member of SFF and space advocacy organization helped them in their space career options, was a negative, or was neutral. This sparked a very interesting and creative discussion, don't miss it. If you have NewSpace 2009 conference questions, you can use the NewSpace 2009 website at Not only can you find the email and phone information for our guests James and Ryan, you can contact other key people with SFF. If you have a specific question or comment for James Pura and Ryan McLinko, you can email them at and



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