Broadcast 436 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

29 Dec 2005 Dr. William Rowe
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Dr. William Rowe was the guest for this special Space Show program. Dr. Rowe discussed gender physiology and why women may be more suited for space, especially longer term spaceflight than men. Dr. Rowe stressed issues surrounding iron and the ability of men and women to get iron out of their system. He also talked about the importance of magnesium, an issue you will want to know more about. He spoke about the changes that happen to the lining of blood vessels and much more. Also, we discussed the usage of medicine and drugs in space and how the microgravity impairs their absorption and radiation may shorten their lifespan for effectiveness. Dr. Rowe brought us into a world of new information for human physiology for spaceflight covering topics and issues that have yet to be discussed on this and other programs. He also spoke about the unique attributes of the Bushmen of Kalahari and why they might be extremely well designed for space flight. You will want to visit his website, as many of his peer reviewed papers are there plus other important information. You can also e-mail him through a link provided on his website or through me at I urge you to listen to this program. It is different and loaded with new and valuable information.



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