Broadcast 547 (Special Edition)

29 Aug 2006 Dr. Brad Edwards
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Dr. Brad Edwards returned to The Space Show to discuss energy issues from space, SSP, alternative energy, and of course to update us on the space elevator. The first part of the program focused on space solar power and the need to be starting the development of an SSP test station along with other alternative energy programs given the long lead time to the establishment of commercial working alternative energy systems. Dr. Edwards provided a realistic report on our launch capacity, rockets, construction and infrastructure capabilities, our ability to beam power, build ground stations, and get power into a grid system. We talked about the need to be able to reach GEO for $1,000 per pound to make this worthwhile, but today, our costs to reach GEO are around $20,000 per pound. Dr. Edwards is supportive of developing these systems but recognizes the amount of advanced engineering and project management systems needed to make it happen on the scale needed to supply space solar power to the U.S. as well as elsewhere. You can send your questions or comments regarding energy, SSP, and the space elevator to Dr. Edwards through me at



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