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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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The Space Foundation Conference

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ALERT::  Listeners: This program is archived and podcasting.  Unfortunately, we experienced a serioud phone line and audio interruption.  I have repaired the file, no part of the program was lost but for the repair I had to rely on a fail safe backup to a digital recorder using a chip.  The audio for the recorder is not as good as regular Space Show audio but the caller and speaker can be understood.  The impacted segment starts around 32 minutes 33 seconds (all computers show different times so this is approximate( running for about seven minutes.  Once we were back on air and started anew, you might notice a few discussion items being repeated as we started the discussion up again.  My apologies for these problems.  The good news is none of the program audio was lost.  The bad news was that live show was interupted for several minutes plus the patched in audio is not the same quality as our normal audio.  

The program summary should be uploaded by the end of today.

Thank you for your understanding.



Guests:  Rod Pyle, Aggie Kobrin;  Topics: We started out discussing the "Ad Astra Living In Space Special Issue" which focuses on space settlement. The second part of our discussion addressed the all virtual, free ISDC 2021 event June 24-27, 2021.  Please note the ALERT note above regarding phone and audio technical difficulties as we moved from our Ad Astra discussion to talking about the upcoming ISDC 2021 event.

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We welcomed back to the program Rod Pyle and Aggie Kobrin to discuss the NSS Ad Astra Special Issue devoted to space settlement which they referred to as living in space.  The second part of our program focused on the all virtual and completely free ISDC 2021 toward the end of June this year.  We started our Ad Astra Special Edition discussion with my asking our guests for the target market for this NSS space settlement discussion and special edition issue.  Listen to how our guests described a broad audience for the subject at hand.  For those of you liking the idea of space settlement, let us know what you think should be the type and demographic of the audience focus for this topic.  Post your ideas on our blog for this show. 

Our guests talked about several of the articles in this special issue and I mentioned a few of mine that caught my attention.  For example, the article with a type of self-test to determine if you are cut out for living in space was very interesting.  So was the article featuring work from our friend Dr. Pascal Lee on living in lava tubes.  You might be surprised with the conclusion on lava tubes for lunar settlement.  The article by Al Globus responding to arguments against space settlement got my attention as did many of the articles.  One listener sent in an email asking our guests to read us the Table of Contents since they had not yet obtained a copy of this special edition Ad Astra.  Rod and Aggie also talked to us about how they were now distributing Ad Astra, the book stores it would be in, how they were trying to cover all 50 states plus they were making it available at Amazon.  The store price is $14.99 but one can also subscribe to Ad Astra and get it free if you join the National Space Society. 

Listener Todd sent in a note asking our guests for their opinion on the most likely plausible near term space settlement or habitat,  Our guests talked the Moon, Mars, even free space habitats.  They talked about the ISS and possible new space station like settlement destinations.  Later in the segment I asked both guests if they felt they had the right stuff to be psychologically fit to live in space.  Listen to what each had to say. as you might be surprised by what each one had to say.

Kim called to discuss NSS in general and how Rod got feedback for Ad Astra articles.  Rod was talking about article selection for Ad Astra, then Kim asked about the famous people on the NSS Board.  In addition, Kim brought up an NSS blog she found out about along with NSS contests.  As our guests was talking with Kim about these items, we lost a phone line for one of the guests, then we lost the live stream.  A backup system kept recording as it was a few minutes before we knew we even knew we were off air and before I got back in touch with our guests. Everything was restored a few minutes later as you can see from the alert at the top of the page.  While nothing was lost, there was about a 7 minute segment of less than great audio with Kim's comments and questions and our guests responding before moving on to ISDC.

With everything restored and normal recording underway, I asked Aggie to repeat what she had been saying about ISDC.  For those of you that have or will get the Ad Astra Special Edition, on the inside back cover there is a full page ad on the all free, all virtual 2021 ISDC.  The ISDC website for more information is  In addition, many of the featured presenters are shown on the ad page plus Aggie mentioned several by name.  Our guests did say that while almost all of ISDC was free, June 24-27, there was one part of it that was behind a paywall.  Don't miss the explanation for this and how to access it if you so desire.  Our guests said ISDC talks and programs would last about 4 hours per day and all of it would be single track.  Aggie told us she had speaker email addresses to share if one contacts her to get in touch with a speaker.  When asked if ISDC would be archived, the answer was yes at E360.TV and then through other devices and forms of media.   Several talks were highlighted by our guests such as the one planned on interstellar activities.  Rod talked about the special art work by James Vaughn in the Ad Astra issue and for the ISDC site and promotions.

Please post your comments/suggestions for our two guests on our Space Show blog.  You can reach either Rod or Aggie through NSS, Ad Astra, ISDC or me. 





NSS special space settlement Ad Astra issue, virtual ISDC for 2021

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29 Apr 2021 Rod Pyle, Aggie Kobrin
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • space settlement progress

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  • The Space Foundation Conference