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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston; Topics:  A variety of topics were discussed but there seemed to be a focus on issues relating to SLS.

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Welcome to our 2 segment 2 hour 21 minute Open Lines discussion.  We covered many different topics including several that I suggested up front.  That said, there seemed to be a primary focus on issues relating to SLS, especially toward the end of the first segment and then again in the second segment.  Other topics in the first segment included electric cars and climate issues.  Marshall called to talk about emissions from diesel engines with trucks and other vehicles and their part in impacting climate. 

John from Ft. Worth called (SLS John) to talk about SLS being underfunded and that being the root of all its problems.  John had some interesting comments to listen and let us know what you think about the case he made for SLS.  John's call was followed by a call from Dr. Doug as he disagreed with John and suggested that SLS had been overfunded and was not cost-effective.  He addressed issues with SLS Block 1, SLS Block 2 and LEO.  He also advocated for BFR but said he agreed with earlier comments made by Jim Muncy when he was a guest on the show saying SLS would not be cancelled until there was a viable alternative.  Doug said that this was likely accurate and suggested a BFR-BSS timeline for operations around 2024 which would be a tipping point for SLS.

In the second segment, Kim called and wanted to know more about John saying that SLS had been underfunded.  To respond to Kim, I got John back on the line using another phone line and John and Kim had a good discussion.  Even the JWST was given to SLS John by way of example to what John was talking about.  At this point, Dr. Doug sent in an email which I read on air and which prompted me to get Doug on the line for a three way call with Kim and John.  The three of them had quite an SLS-BFR discussion which lasted almost to the end of the show.  Make sure you hear it and post your comments about it on our blog. 

Our last call came from Tony in Los Angeles.  He saw the movie First Man and had many positive things to say about it. We discussed the move, Neil Armstrong, X-15, the space program and even the movie box office since it was not doing that well for the show. 

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Open Lines, all callers welcome, space, science, STEM & Steam topics. Your topics of choice

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28 Oct 2018 Dr. David Livingston
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