Broadcast 321 (Special Edition)

28 Mar 2005 Nathan Horsley
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Nathan Horsley was the guest for this particular Space Show program. We discussed many legal issues pertaining to space tourism, launch vehicles, and space development. We explored the very nature of informed consent and how it might hold up in a legal action to protect a company using it for space flight participants. We also discussed if informed consent would be sufficient protection or if companies should plan on going to additional layers of protection for possible legal claims against their company should accidents or problem occur. Mr. Horsley expressed an opinion about the new NASA Administrator, the ISS, Hubble, and much more. We talked about space tourism being the business that could jump start the space industry and he told us why he did not believe that would happen. We also talked about the legal regime in Europe, Ariane and government subsidies, Russia, the ESA and lots more. Make sure to listen to this program. Many new topics were covered and old topics were evaluated with a different perspective.



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