Broadcast 207 (Special Edition)

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Andrew Chaikin, the author of "A Man on The Moon" was the guest for this edition of The Space Show. We started the discussion today with a look at the differences from the Apollo era to today within NASA, within our society, within the public and private sectors, and with the policy and law makers of both times. Mr. Chaikin explained why he believes the Apollo model is unique to when it happened given what was going on in the nation and the world at the time. He believes it is a mistake to think we can return to that type of model in 2004. Mr. Chaikin talked about how difficult it is to go to the Moon and safely return. This led me to recall the recent interview on The Space Show with Jim Burke and we discussed his comments and their applicability to both the private sector and China. We also talked about the space policy program put forth by Pres. Bush on January 14, 2004. Mr. Chaikin examined this policy from many different perspectives and issues. We talked about Mars, the rover missions, return to the Moon to stay versus using the Moon as a staging point for other missions going deeper into space, and in response to a few questions, Mr. Chaikin address the lack of trust that citizens have with NASA information and our government. This is a superb interview, full of important information, new ideas, and the requirement to use critical thinking. Mr. Chaikin will return to The Space Show, but in the meantime, don't miss this program.



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28 Mar 2004 Andrew Chaikin
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