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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Dr. David Livingston;  Topics:  Multiple topics discussed today with callers and from email questions.

Welcome to our two segment slightly more than two hour program.  Our discussion topics can best be grasped by reviewing our Tags/Key words for the show which I have duplicated here:   Robert Jacobson, "Space Is Open For Business," Robert's new eBook offer, Elon Musk 49th birthday, cats in space, Peter Navarro & space as the 4th industrial revolution, space economy, Senate demands release of secret UFO files, Tic Tac, Marshall says tampering with radar, magic illusions, commercial space & the election, H.R. 5666 National Aeronautics Space Administration Authorization Act of 2020, John Hunt and The Admiral Thomas Wilson Document – Secrets of UFO Cover-up Revealed, SLS, Orion, giant black hole in early universe, proposed space regulations required for space settlement by ,  Moonwards, NASA funs SETI study, Moonwards logo store, telescopes, galaxies from 100 years ago, Mars not the Moon, science fiction, Moon travel time compared to Mars roundtrip travel time, nuclear propulsion to Mars, Starship to Mars with orbital refueling, lunar Starship service

Our first caller was Robert Jacobson, author of "Space Is Open For Business" and the guest on his recent program earlier this month.  Robert extended his book offer for eBooks for the callers on the live broadcast plus archive listeners.  Listen for the code during the archive broadcast to request your copy of his book, electronic format.  Robert talked about pets, specifically cats and also cats in space. 

Marshall called next to respond to my earlier comments about the senate going after the release of classified UFO information.  To make a long conversation short, the bottom line for Marshall is that top people in DOD are playing with the pilots and crews to test them under stressful and adverse conditions.  I took issue with his idea nut e said it was like a magic show and we were seeing only what certain people wanted us to see. 

We got an email from Jerry in NM asking for information about what the lunar return space policy might look like in a change of administrations.  The only hint I could share with him was the recent passage of house legislation, H.R. 5666.  Don't miss our short discussion on this topic.  Next, Ft. Worth John called to challenge Marshall.  In the process of challenging the ideas put forth by Marshall, he mentioned the story behind The Admiral Thomas Wilson Document.  He described this document and the event in detail but read about it here: –  John mentioned other stories and personalities, including a few that had been a guest on the show but for a different topic, advanced propulsion.  SLS and Orion also made it to the conversation.

Fremont John called to mention a story about a giant black hold that was found about 13 billion light years away.  You can read one of the many stories about this article at  John then talked space settlement regulations, SpaceX Starship suppliers for a Mars mission and more.  John posted on his own blog about the Polish author suggesting regulations for Space Settlement.  John provided us with the following information you might find interesting:

"Here is a link to the Space Review Essay by Kamil Muzyka which has his email at the end (  If you are interested in the post on SpaceSettlementProgress here is the link:"

Moonwards Kim was our next caller.  We got an update on the Moonwards development work plus Kim wanted to mention a NASA grant funding SETI.  You can read the story here:  A listener asked Kim if she had a store to sell Moonwards logo wear.  If you are interested in this, make sure you hear what Kim said was the way to acquire t-shirts and other items.  Kim mentioned the Moon or Mars discussion, saying people were interested in Mars, not the Moon. This prompted John Jossy to  email Kim for an explanation of her comments.  Don't miss what Kim said.  Do you agree? Let us know by posting on the blog.

Doug was the last caller.  He respond to earlier comments about his end of show comment with Dr. Logan from this past Tuesday about Starship getting refueled in orbit enabling Starship to get to Mars in about the same time as a nuclear rocket would take to get to Mars.  Dr. Logan said no.  One listener posted a lengthy blog comment going after Dr. Logan for his response.  I commented about that post and pointed out that I had been advised that Dr. Jurist was going to post a factual response to the lengthy critical post of what Dr. Logan said in response to Doug.  Doug wanted to talk about his idea that Starship could make the trip in about the same amount of time as a nuclear rocket.  In the meantime, Dr. Jurist did post his comments in response to what listener Not Invented Here posted.  You can find the Jurist comments on both the blog for the Dr. Logan show this past Tuesday and today's Open Line program.  Dr. Logan posted his reply as well on both blogs.

Please post comments/questions on the blog for this show. If you want Robert's book, send me an email with the code words and I will put you in touch with Robert.  You can reach any of the callers through me.




Open Lines today. All callers welcome. Talk about what is on your mind re space and related topics.

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28 Jun 2020 Dr. David Livingston
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