Broadcast 355 (Special Edition)

28 Jun 2005 Brian Enke
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Brian Enke joined The Space Show as the guest for this special program. Mr. Enke discussed his new science fiction mystry book, "Shadows of Medusa." In discussing this book and its plot, issues relating to sending humans to Mars came up as the book is about three people going to Mars, but with substantial intrigue and secret agendas. In terms of talking about Mars, we discussed water, methane, and the possibility of life on Mars, the culture of risk aversion in our society, engineering, humans versus robots and lots more. We also discussed the coming Deep Impact comet mission scheduled for July 4, 2005 and the new movie War of the Worlds produced by Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise. As a result of listener questions, we also talked about computer chips and networking them for near super computer power for Mars and other space missions. Mr. Enke discussed his sequel which he is working on as well as other projects he works with at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Visit his website, and from there, you can e-mail Brian with your comments or questions. Also check out his Medusa Motivator list at



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