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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guests:  Robert Jacobson was a first segment guest, then followed by Open Lines callers on multiple topics.  Topics:  Gravity prescription, pregnancy in space, robotics, space settlement, O'Neill free space colonies, and more.

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Welcome to our nearly two hour Open Lines program.  We led off with Robert Jacobson updating us on commercial space news, company activity, his LunaPrise business and more.  Robert mentioned the St. Jude-SpaceX fundraiser winner, a bone cancer survivor who will be going on a SpaceX tourism ride to the Moon, possibly next year.  For more about the mission, Inspiration 4, go here:  Robert also updated us on his Lunar Library project and mission which you can find out more about here:  Before moving on, Robert mentioned Felipe Perez Santiago and the Earthling Project.  See the blog comments for Robert's email with detailed information about this project.  Before taking Open Line calls, Robert updated us on possible NASA administrator news, a few new startup companies, space settlement with Axiom, plus he told us that his book, "Space Is Open For Business, would soon be out in the audio version. 

Kim wanted to tell us about Relativity Space.  See the note she posted about it on our blog for this show.  Kim talked about their building a 3D rocket.  She told us about Michael Listner becoming an observer with the ESA Moon Village project, then she talked about stability with space exploration, including mentions from the Open Luna organization.  Kim had some concerns about the actual meaning of stability and this then became an Open Lines discussion topic.  Before leaving us, Kim told us about her Moonwards designed spacesuit and said she posted a photo of it on our blog. 

Doug called to discuss sustainability and give us his definition for it.  He talked about different kinds of stability such as technical stability, environmental stability, artifact stability, plus he brought an issue of lunar vehicles leaving tell tale "tire" tracks on the Moon.  There was a short discussion about the best ways to mitigate or remove such tracks. 

Fremont John sent a UN article on long term space settlement. I believe John posted a link to this item on the blog.  As we moved toward the second segment, Todd asked about the likelihood success of the Gateway Foundation, then we took a call from Bill in Raleigh.  Bill mentioned several recent program and wanted to talk about the subject of SLS cancellation which came up earlier on the show.  He was concerned about it along with being concerned about Starship success.  I mentioned that I too was concerned about an SLS cancellation due to severe collateral damage and suggested such a cancellation had to be well thought out.   Bill was corrected in his heat comments regarding Starship with a note from Tony in LA mentioning the Starship heat tile. 

Fremont John called to express his concern about lunar and Mars settlements without knowing the human gravity prescription. This became a big Open Lines topic, especially when John mentioned that you would not have settlement without children. This brough up pregnancy in space and on a surface body as opposed to an O'Neill structure spinning to create 1g.  It was an interesting discussion that ranged from my talking about the likelihood of irresponsible people doing what they want regarding getting pregnant in space to ethical animal experiments or possible human experiments to no space settlement without knowing the gravity prescription for humans.  Comments by Dr. Jim Logan from previous Space Show programs were mentioned many time.  Let us know your thoughts on this issue by posting on the blog.  Note that John and Doug started a blog discussion about Moon-Mars settlement compared to O'Neill orbiting settlements.  You are invited to enter the discussion.

Kim called to talk about the possibility of small animal centrifuge experiments or maybe something similar on the lunar surface.  She talked about the huge size planned for O'Neill structures in free space as compared to a smaller outpost or lunar habitat which would likely be easier to build and operate.  She thought gravity prescription experiments would have to start with lower animals but probably later on involve chimps.

Jean called from Pasadena to tell us about a failed TV show from several decades ago, "Plymouth."  the story line was that the woman chief scientist got pregnant, did not want to leave and was going to stay in space.  Her partner decided to remain with her. Jean did not recall much more of the storyline.  He thought this show was sometime in the mid to late 90's.   He also got on board with SLS cancellation comments plus he talked about the time it took for Apollo mission tests and operations as compared to what it takes today.

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28 Feb 2021 Dr. David Livingston
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