Broadcast 464 (Special Edition)

28 Feb 2006 Dr. Jeff Bell
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Dr. Jeff Bell was the guest for this special two hour Space Show program. Dr. Bell began the interview explaining his background in the pro-space community dating back to L5. He explained what happened that took him away from this community, why he is returning but also how he is returning to the community. Dr. Bell clearly explains why he is skeptical and has safety concerns regarding many of the companies making up and the pro-space community. Both as part of his interview comments and in response to a listener question, Dr. Bell explains why it is so challenging and costly to access space and what the relevance is of this problem. He spoke about NASA, ending the Shuttle and the ISS programs and why they should be shut down, we talked about COTS, the RTM architecture, the VSE and just about everything you can think of. He explained why he remains skeptical and doubtful about space and lunar solar power, HE3 and other forms of space energy. He finds the idea of rocket racing exciting but is concerned about safety for those in the stands viewing the event given the general track record and potential explosiveness of rockets. As a result of a comment and question by Bronx listener, Dr. Bell tells us how to apply critical thinking, what to look for and how to read an article or news story on space news or companies. Dr. Bell even got in some comments about his thoughts on SETI and the possible discovery of Earth-like planets. You can send comments or questions to Dr. Bell through me at and I will immediately forward them to him. For more about Dr. Bell, make sure you become a regular reader of his opinion pieces at



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